School Overview

Mead High School (MHS) offers a rigorous curriculum with courses in
Advanced Placement, Honors, and concurrent enrollment options with Front Range Community College and Aims Community College. All students have access to a full continuum of academic course offerings and a diverse selection of extracurricular and co-curricular activities. MHS is also home to the Mead Energy Academy, a program that prepares students for college studies, technical education, certification programs, and the workforce by studying today’s energy fields. Students are engaged in a variety of activities that ignite their passion for academic and personal excellence. Our faculty is highly involved with the success of each student and is supported by energized and involved parents.

The Maverick Way

Mission:  “We are an inclusive community that is civically and academically engaged. We foster a love of learning through collaboration, communication and innovation. We prepare students for the ever-changing world.”

Core Values:


We will…

  •      Maintain a positive and productive learning environment for all.
  •      Accept each other’s differences and celebrate uniqueness.
  •      Take responsibility for the impact of our words and actions.


We will…

  • Honor the academic process and each other’s learning by consistently doing our best work.
  • Consistently own our behaviors and practice honesty, kindness, and reliability.


We will…

  • Persevere in pursuit of personal and academic excellence.
  • Strive to overcome adversity and setbacks within ourselves and our community.


We will…

  • Take initiative in our learning and know when to ask for help.
  • Cultivate a safe and inclusive environment for all.
  • Follow school rules and report any unsafe or concerning behaviors.


We will…

  • Seek opportunities to actively care for and connect with others.
  • Find positive ways to contribute to our school and community.

           Excellence For All, From All

School Administrative Team

Mead High School