iPad Updates

March 2021 iPad Updates

Not connecting to Webex?
Sometimes going back and forth between home wifi and SVVSD wifi may have the connections confused.  Try a NETWORK RESET.  Go to settings>general>reset(bottom right)>reset network settings.  Once the iPad restarts, sign back into the wifi account that you need (at school, use SVVSD only, not guest).

Is your iPad UPDATED?
To help things run smoothly, be sure to update your iPad with the latest update that it is showing available.  Settings>Software update(upper right)>download and install. You can set your iPad to do automatic updates here as well: automatic updates>open “Download iPadOS updates” and “Install iPadOS updates”. Everyone should be at iOS 14.4 currently.  These updates take some time so it is best to do them at night after you are finished using it and your iPad is charging.

Charging your iPad
In this constant virtual environment that we are in right now, it may seem like your iPad is not keeping up. Webex is very draining on the iPads, especially when video has to be used.  Be sure that you charge your iPad each night and start each day at 100%.  Be sure that you only have the windows open that you need: webex, schoology, etc.  Close down all others!  (Music or movie apps in the background are very draining).  Make sure that you are using the issued block and charger to charge your iPad.  The library has several charging stations and charging cords available for you to plug your iPad in during lunch and give it a little extra boost.  

Notability not allowing you to write?
It seems that when you go back and forth between using an apple pencil and writing with your finger, Notability will stop allowing you to write.  You must choose one method or the other.  If Notability has locked up on you, the only fix we have right now is to delete the app and reinstall it from the Self Service App.  Be sure before you delete the App to send anything that you need from Notability to your google drive, because when you reinstall Notability, it will be empty. You will need to send work from your drive back to Notability.  Also, after reinstalling Notability, be sure to go to auto backup and back up your Notability to your SVVSD google drive.

iPad Insurance

Do not go into the summer without iPad insurance!  iPad insurance can still be purchased for your iPad!  Bring your iPad to Mrs. Bortz to be inspected and for only $12.50 you can purchase insurance to cover your iPad for the rest of the school year and through the summer!

Please reach out to Mrs. Bortz if you have any questions or concerns with your technology.