MHS Fridays








Friday procedures

  • Students should access every class Friday on Schoology to do the work assigned in their courses.  

  • Assignments in each class will be accessible to students by 7:45 am on Fridays.  

  • All lessons on Fridays will be asynchronous.  Students are not required to log on to their teacher’s webex unless additional assistance is needed.

  • Students will be required to complete asynchronous assignments/assessments/exercises to count for attendance on Fridays.

  • Students are required to complete and submit assignments by 2:15 pm for attendance to be taken.  

  • Students will prioritize CDC, FRCC and Innovation Center classes on Fridays if there are schedule conflicts. 

  • Students who need additional assistance/tutoring/guidance should check in with teachers to schedule an appointment.

  • Teachers may use Fridays to schedule one on one, peer group, or parent check ins.

It is critical that students prioritize their day to be successful.  We suggest you get up at your normal school time, eat breakfast and start your assignments early.  If you sleep in and put your work off, it is likely that you may not finish your assigned work on time, which can affect your attendance.  Reach out to your teachers if you need their assistance.  They are all willing to help.