SAT Testing Information

Hello Mead Families,
I want to provide you an update on the SAT make-up and what that will look like as we move into our new school year. We are currently in the process of setting up the structures for last year Juniors/this year Seniors to take the SAT. Every high school in our district has registered as a Saturday testing site, allowing our students to test at a site of their choice on a date that is convenient with their schedule. This means Mead students do not have to test at Mead High School, they can elect to test at any testing site on any date that is listed. Mead High School is registered as an October 3, 2020 testing site, in which 300 students can register on a first come first serve basis. Seats will not be reserved for Mead High School students. Soon, the Colorado Department of Education will be sending out registration code vouchers, that will be provided to each student using their school email. Students will then enter this code when completing the registration, to waive all registration fees. Please visit this College Board link to find the dates for each testing site Please follow this link when registering your student for the SAT
Quick Reference:
Testing Date                               Registration Deadline
Saturday, August 29th                 August 18th
Saturday, September 26th           August 26th
Saturday, October 3rd                 September 4th
When new information comes about addressing the SAT or registration voucher codes, we will communicate this information out in a timely manner. Thank you very much for your time.
Best Regards,
Ronnie Maynes
Dean of Students/School Assessment Coordinator