Student Fee Refund

Student Fee Refund FAQ


Q: How will refunds be provided to families/students?

A: All mass refunds will be issued by a check. There may be individual cases where a refund is credited to the original payment format.


Q: What if a fee is not specifically listed on the distribution schedule?

A: Fees will continue to be identified and reviewed for refunds. If you have a specific fee you have a question about please contact the finance office.


Q: Will a student receive a refund for 2nd semester course fees?

A: 2nd semester fees were not applied to your student’s account until February. Many course fees were used to provide materials prior to closures. Individual course fees will be reviewed and approved for refunds as appropriate. Please contact finance to discuss specific situations related to individual course fees.


Q: A student received a fee refund outside of the two payment groups provided by finance. Is that okay?

A: Yes; some refunds unaffected by school closures will take effect during various time periods. Examples include e-Learning and AP Exam fees.


Q: A student paid a 3rd party vendor directly. How will they receive a refund?

A: Please work directly with your school and/or teacher who originally set up the planned event. You should expect a refund directly from the 3rd party vendor; the district will not refund payments. 


Q: A student paid the district for an event. The district then paid a 3rd party vendor, who is issuing the refund?

A: The district will validate that refunds from 3rd party vendors have been received by the district prior to issuing a refund to the student/parent. Any refunds that are not fully refunded by the vendor will not be fully refunded to the student/parent.


Q:  What if the original payment was made by someone other than the individual and/or family?

A: If the payment was a grant from an outside party, eg. St. Vrain Foundation for Education, the refund will be sent back to the original payor.

If the funds were collected as part of a fundraiser in which the student participated, eg. CU concessions, the district is awaiting advice from legal advisors prior to taking any action.


Q: A student has an overpayment in the school lunch account, will that be refunded?

A: School lunch balances carry over from one year until the next. If the student is a graduating senior, the balance may be passed to a sibling, donated to the lunch program, or refunded. Please have graduating seniors contact the School Nutrition office for more details.


Please feel free to contact the SVVSD Finance Department 303-776-6200 with any questions you may have which are not answered here.