Prom 2019

2019 MHS Prom 

April 13th, 2019

8:00-11:00 PM 

*There is not a bus available for students this year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lindsey Chastain,*

Please be aware of the attendance initiative for the 2019 Prom taken from Mrs. Ayers January 2019 Parent Letter

1. Attendance -  Strive For 5 initiative:  

As a school district, we believe “attendance is one of the most important factors in determining if a student will do well in school, graduate and be prepared for success in their postsecondary education and career.”  

We will continue to recognize those students who have Perfect Attendance at the end of year assembly.  We will also be running a contest sponsored by the Mead Education Foundation during the 2nd semester. During Mav30, students with an attendance rate of 95% or higher will be given a raffle ticket every 2 weeks.  We will hold a drawing at the end of the semester for a cool prize. This means students cannot miss more than 5 days in the entire semester (Strive for 5)!

This is NEW!  Students who have missed more than 5 days of Unexcused Absences will not be allowed to attend Prom.  We believe that attending after school functions is a privilege that comes from being a consistent attender in school.  Board Policy JH states that parents have 2 days to call in and excuse a student’s absence after the day in which their child is absent.  Please work hard to schedule birthdays, appointments, family obligations after our 2:15 pm school end time.


Prom Ticket Sales: Tickets for Prom go on sale April 4th and will be sold during lunch and after school all the way until April 11th. Tickets are $35. StuCo will have a table in the Commons and admin will be present to answer any questions that the students might have. 
Mav Market:  Starting on April 2nd, the Mav Market will be open every day after school. We will be selling snacks and apparel.