Mead Energy Expo


Join us for the very first Mead Energy Expo! This is an exciting fun-filled family event. You will be able to participate in Energy Exploration, learn about Innovation in Energy, and see how Energy is being explored in the Mead school feeder classrooms through the student experience! 

Who: Everyone!

When: March 8th, from 3:45-4:45pm 

Where: Mead Middle School, 620 Welker Ave, Mead, CO 80504

Learn about: 

  • Biomass/ Biofuels
  •  Fuel Cells
  • Nuclear  Power
  • Oil and Gas
  • Solar Power
  • Watersheds
  • Wind power
  • And much more 

Mead High School students will have the following displays: 

  • Modeling a Radon Mitigation System
  • Investigating Alternate Materials for Kead in Radiation- Shielding Aprons
  • Comparing Methane Emissions from Different Bovine Feedstocks
  • Geothermal Home Design
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars
  • Modeling Global Warming and Ocean Ice Melt 
  • Electrical Circuits 
  • Solar Concentrator
  • Solar Car Competition 

We hope to see you there!