Mead Energy Academy Partnership Opportunities

Partnering with the Mead Energy Academy

The Mead Energy Academy is a competitive high school program that prepares our students for a future in the energy field. Through rigorous coursework and real world experiences, students are exposed to a broad range of energy subjects and gain invaluable skill sets to become leaders in an increasingly diverse industry.

After completing the Academy, students have the confidence to select a career path and are prepared to make their postsecondary plans. Our students enter a two or four year college program, or the work force with energy focused tools and knowledge giving them a competitive advantage.

Partnerships with local businesses are instrumental to our success. Interacting with professionals fosters enhanced classroom learning and provides students the opportunity to explore, solve and analyze real time issues in the energy field.

Partnership Opportunities

Provide expert resources and experiences
Your employees are industry experts and their knowledge will add real world experiences to our academic program. Partner with us by providing guest speakers in our classrooms and field trip opportunities to your facilities.

Enhance new energy labs
The new wing includes energy labs and we need equipment such as pumps, circuit boards and generators. These items provide Academy students with hands on experiences, and your contribution ignites enthusiasm and innovation around the field of energy. 

Fund the wind turbine and solar panels
Mead High School is getting a new wing and our goal is to install renewable energy projects including a wind turbine and solar panels. These sustainable options allow students to study, in real time, the energy impact of solar and wind on the school’s energy consumption.

Become a Senior Capstone Partner
The culminating class of the Energy Academy is a Senior Capstone project that includes an internship or job shadow experience. By partnering, you will have a direct impact on shaping and educating your future workforce. 

Student Impact

“Before enrolling in the Mead Energy Academy, I wanted to be an aerospace engineer, but now I find that being a mechanical engineer would be more rewarding. I would have never considered a job like this before I joined the Mead Energy Academy.” - Matthew, MHS Senior

“Now after experiencing the academy I believe I want to major in Spanish and Biofuel Sciences in order to combine my two loves and go into the world loving what I do.” - Kennalyn, MHS Junior

Current Partners