iPad Information and Documents

All students at MHS will receive an iPad for their academic use.  The iPad is the property of St. Vrain Valley School District, and will be returned to the school at the end of each school year. At the beginning of each year, your student will again receive their iPad, much like checking in and checking out a textbook.

The Parent and Student Agreement, listed below, may be downloaded and must be signed by both parent and student before an iPad will be issued in August 2016.

 At your convenience, please read the Expectations and Commitment documents which are listed below. These were created to help ensure the success of the Learning Technology Plan and to help all parties understand their individual responsibilities. 

Parent and Student Agreement (This document must be signed before iPad will be issued.)

Parent and Student Agreement (Spanish)

Student Expectations and Commitments

Student Expectations and Commitments (Spanish) 

Parent/Guardian Expectations and Commitments

Parent/Guardian Expectations and Commitments (Spanish)

Student iPad Insurance and Repair Guidlines

Student iPad Insurance and Repair Guidlines (Spanish)


If you are interested in some helpful suggestions regarding family resources, working with iPads and other information, please visit the Family Connections page.