United States History Honors

This Honors course is designed to challenge the advanced History student in preparation of the rigors of Advanced Placement courses in Social Studies. This approach will help students by teaching skills such as critical thinking and writing, Socratic seminar, debate, historical investigation, and analysis and proper citation of primary documents. In conjunction with this study will be the infusion of various novels, supplemental readings, and writing of essays that will enrich a students understanding of 20th Century United States history. Topics studied include the Colonial era, the birth of the Republic, expansion of the nation to Civil War and Reconstruction; from the Progressive era, the Harlem Renaissance, and Great Depression Culture, to World War II; the Civil Rights Movement, the Turbulent 60's, and contemporary history including American culture post 9/11.

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1.0 - Weighted 4.5
World Geography / History Honors and teacher recommendation
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