Fred Wilson

  • University of Colorado

Mr. Wilson is a Colorado native, born in the mountain town of Coal Creek Canyon.  He spent most of his early years running loose in the woods around his home where he developed a love of the outdoors and the natural beauty that can only be found here in Colorado. Mr. Wilson moved to Mead in 4th grade and has been a “Meadeorite” ever since.  After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business at CU he owned and operated several businesses and, with the help of his wife Natalie who teaches at Mead Elementary, he eventually found his way to teaching in 2001. Teaching is the most interesting and rewarding profession he has discovered and he hopes to continue to teach for many years to come.

 It seems clear that our county needs more students of business and since we all “go into business” in one way or another, Mr. Wilson believes that what we learn in Business classes is relevant for all students. He hopes to contribute to a more prosperous future for our country by preparing students with a wide range of important business skills. He loves working at Mead High school where we have the best students in the district. Go MAVS!