Mead Energy Academy

Mission and Vision


The Mead Energy Academy is a unique program that allows high school students to focus on energy-related topics while obtaining their high school diploma. The Mead Energy Academy is open to all students whether they see their postsecondary plans as going to a trade school, obtaining a two or four-year college degree, or immediately joining the workforce.

The Mead Energy Academy is appropriate for students whose career interests are in the production of energy, such as engineering or welding, as well as for those students whose interest lie in a field tangential to energy, such as law, policy or marketing.

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Energy Academy Coursework

Energy Academy Core Courses

Each student must complete core courses with a grade of a C or better:

  • Principles of Energy Science A & B (1 credit)
  • Energy Industry Practices A & B (1 credit)
  • GIS (.5 credits)
  • Internship & Capstone Project (.5 credits)
  • AP Environmental Science (1 credit)



Students must successfully complete a minimum of 6 credits, including Biology and Chemistry. The 4 Energy Academy courses count towards the 6 credits and students are required to have a C average in all semesters of the Energy Academy core courses to earn the Energy Academy certification.

Energy Academy Electives


Students will select 2 courses from the list below to complete as part of the Energy Academy Electives. These courses may be used as core or elective credits for graduation. If using these courses for core classes, please ensure you have enough elective credits for graduation (8 total electives credits are needed for graduation). World Language and Energy Academy Core courses will count towards the St. Vrain Valley School District graduation requirements.

AP Chemistry

AP Physics 1

AP Physics 2

AP Biology

AP Economics

AP Language and Composition


AP Computer Science

Welding *

Engineering Tech*


Introduction to Business

Business Law


AP Seminar

Introduction to Programming


AP Calculus

AP U.S. Government

Start Your Own Business

AP Statistics

AP Research

This List is subject to change * CDC Class **FRCC Class



Photos from our Mead Energy Academy Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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