Concurrent Enrollment


Concurrent Enrollment classes taught at Mead High School – Spring 2018

Aims Community College

o  CRJ 135 – Judicial Function (3 credits)

o  COM 115 – Correctional Process (3 credits)

Front Range Community College

o  ASL 122 – American Sign Language 2 (5 credits)

o  COM 115 – Public Speaking (3 credits)

o  SOC 101 – Intro to Sociology (3 credits)


  • Meet with your counselor to review concurrent enrollment options and to ensure your ICAP (Naviance) is complete. Review course options at Mead HS, FRCC or Aims CC.  Some classes have pre-requisites (ASL 122 = B in ASL 121).  SVVSD won’t approve classes that start after 6:30pm or meet on the weekends.  Class schedules for Spring 2018 are online at and
  •  Complete the College in Colorado Student Worksheet (state of Colorado requirement) at


                                                     My SASID # is: ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


  • After you’ve submitted your SVVSD online application, you will receive an email with an attachment.  You must print, sign and submit the attachment to Mr. ElliottDeadline: November 10


  • Complete Your College Application for Admission - Students must apply for admission to the college.  Yes, some of these classes are taught at Mead HS, but they are offered by Front Range CC or Aims CC.   You must complete an application for admission to FRCC or Aims CC in order to get college and high school credit.  If you’re currently taking a Concurrent Enrollment class at Mead HS, then you will skip this step.  Deadline: November 10


o  Front Range Community College –

  • FRCC ONLY - Sign up for the College Opportunity Fund - The College Opportunity Fund (COF) You only need to apply once, and you can apply through the FRCC application. If you are currently taking Concurrent Enrollment classes at Mead HS through FRCC, then you can skip this step.


o  Aims Community College –

  • AIMS CC ONLY – Complete the “Parent’s Statement for Applicants Under the Age of 18” and return it to Mr. Elliott in the counseling office by December 1, 2017.
  • AIMS CC ONLY – Aims Community College will register you for your classes at taught at Mead HS (CRJ 135 & CRJ 145).  If you’re taking an online class or a class at the Aims Community College campus, then you must register for these classes through your MyAims account.


  • FRCC ONLY - Register for your Course(s) at Front Range Community College - Yes, you’re taking college classes at Mead HS, but you also need to register for your college classes through the college they are being offered from. Once you’ve applied for admission, you will receive information on how to setup your eWolf account. You will use your eWolf account to register for the college classes you plan to take at Mead HS or at FRCC. Use the CRN #’s below for classes taught at MHS.  Deadline: December 1
  • ASL 122 (A2/B6) – CRN = 65711
  • ASL 122 (A3/B7) – CRN = 65712
  • COM 115 (A3/B7) – CRN = 65713
  • SOC 101 (A3/B7) – CRN = 65714
  • SOC 101 (A4/B8) – CRN = 65715


  • Payment - The District will pre-pay your tuition for up to two courses per semester. The District is not responsible for payment of any additional fees other than tuition.  The student is responsible for all additional fees (textbooks, etc.) and must be paid directly to the college (Example: Aims CC has a $25 fee per semester).  Any student receiving a D or F, withdrawals after the drop date, or an Incomplete, will be held responsible (along with parent/guardian) for payment of tuition.


  • All Concurrent Enrollment classes must be approved by Mead HS and SVVSD.  Final approval will be granted by December 1st.


Front Range Community College             Aims Community College                     Mead High School

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