The AP Computer Science Principles course is designed to be equivalent to a first-semester introductory college computing course. This course introduces students to the central ideas of computer science, instilling the ideas and practices of computational thinking and inviting students to understand how computing changes the world. Students will be encouraged to apply creative processes when developing computational artifacts and to think creatively while using simulations to explore questions that interest them. Rather than teaching a particular programming language or tool, the course focuses on using technology and programming as a means to solve computational problems and create exciting and personally relevant artifacts. The topics covered are those set by the Advanced Placement Course Description for Computer Science Principles. Students who successfully complete this course usually elect to take the Advanced Placement examination in Computer Science Principles. This assessment comprises of two parts: the end-of-course AP Exam and the through-course AP assessment. The AP Computer Science Principles Exam will be a multiple-choice, paper and pencil exam in which students will demonstrate achievement of the course learning objectives. The through-course assessment comprises two AP Computer Science Principles performance tasks, which require students to explore the impacts of computing and create computational artifacts through programming

Course Subject
Course Number
CTE510A / CTE510B
Grade Level
10, 11, 12
Course Duration
1 Year
Course Credit
1.0 credit-weighted 5.0
Course Fee