Film Club

For any student who loves movies and is interested in broadening knowledge about them. D214 the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at 2:30. Contact Mr. Parsons

We're all storytellers, and film is increasingly the storytelling medium of our time. There are lots of reasons that people watch movies, but we in Film Club believe in a few guiding themes:

  1. We watch film to expand our horizons and experience things we rarely or never experience in our real lives. This can take the form of simple escapist entertainment or the more complex goal of seeking to understand the human experience.
  2. We watch film to be reminded of what we’re capable of, both in the positive and negative senses. Film can, of course, explore inspirational avenues or the depths of human depravity and can provide lessons on how to steer oneself through life.
  3. We watch film to appreciate thoughtfully done art. Some of us can really focus on, among other things, the framing of a shot, the whip-crack of good dialogue, or the symbolism in a scene.  Film is nothing if it’s not art in motion.

In Film Club we watch movies for all of these reasons and more, so anyone joining us can expect to learn just a little bit about film technique, genre, history, or some other aspect of film. Don’t worry, we’re not film snobs or elitists, we just love watching movies. Snacks are welcome (we’ve even ordered pizza before), as well as late comers; the only requirement is a love for film and a permission slip. See Mr. Parsons if you’re interested!


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